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Frequently Asked

Do I have to be in a dedicated Squad?

No, you are free to join us and play on our server whenever you want, with who ever you want. However we assign squads to competitive matches, not individuals, so being in one is your best bet to join competitive matches.

Is there a membership fee?

Membership of DonD is free. We keep our servers running based on donations. You are free to donate as well. We have set up a Ko-Fi account for this purpose.

So how do I join?

Come join our Discord, and play some games with us on our HLL server. If you like what you see, contact one of our community managers and he will guide you on to becoming a [DonD] member.

Why should I join this community?

DonD sets itself apart by promoting teamwork revolving around dedicated squads as opposed to others. If you hate assaulting the enemy in a silent squad, our community is your saviour!